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Who We Are

We are Argus Computer Entertainment. Founded in 2015 by Red Reynart (CEO, President, and Chairman) and Brian O’Neill (CTO, Vice-President) we are independent, privately owned and operated, headquartered in Rock Hill, SC. With over 14 years working inside and out of the video game industry, we decided to try and work for ourselves in creating an overall entertainment company dedicated to videogames and the creative media arts, aimed to inspire, educate, and entertain like minds throughout.

Our Goals

Who said education has to be a lecture and learning can't be fun? Who said that video games and cartoons have to be only for children? Who ever said that there can not be a company that pushes the envelope by encouraging all audiences in learning, creativity and discovery by compeling story telling, gameplay and interactivity? Surely not us. We are a new breed of company and even though we are just starting out, our aims are to build worlds which allow exploration, interaction, socalization, and progression no matter what the medium might be.

Our Staff

Red Reynart


Red Reynart founded Argus Computer Entertainment in 2015. He has worked as a freelance game developer and musician since 2004 for companies such as AlphaSim, GameFlood and with TurboSquid before deciding to create a company for himself.

He has since laid the foundation for Argus putting together a team of likeminded individuals whom all enjoy and share the same passion for creating games and entertaining content for all audiences. He oversees every aspect of the game development process, as well as getting his hands dirty in the process of programming, drawing, and designing, a true polymath of the time.

Reynart received his AAS in Simulation and Game Development from Central Piedmont Community College where he graduated under Phi Theta Kappa at the top of his class, with pristine honors and holds a second degree in Music Theory and Composition.


Bryan O'Neill (Spawned Xion)


Bryan O’Neill joined Argus Computer Entertainment from the beginning of Project Puffer and been with us through and through. Since 2008 when he started creating games, he has produced and programmed several games such as Xecon and Spark both of which involves puzzles, memory and particles systems.

He has been a driving force behind our company and an avid programmer and leader in the integration of new technologies as he brought our company to fruition. As of 2016 he was brought in not only as programmer but CTO for all his time and dedication to Argus Computer Entertainment.

O'Neill has received his AS in accounting from the National University College, and received a certificate in Computer Network Installation from Umet (Universidad metropolitana)


Sonia Alejandra Gonzales (Soni Link)

Lead Artist/Animator

Sonia joined Argus Computer Entertainment in 2015 through invitation from Bryan. She had since been working as an independent freelance artist and graphic artist when she was brought on to work with Argus full time.

Discovering art when she was 13 years old, she studied under the guidance of an architect who taught her how to draw, sculpt and paint. Since then she has continued to study art on her own before she joined Argus Computer Entertainment. She has since brought with her great enthusiasm to learn and advance herself in game development and in the field of art.

Sonia has graduated from universidad autónoma de nuevoleon (UANL) with a BS degree in Química Bacteriologa Parasitología. “chemical parasitology bacteriology” (QBP)


Dylan Eugene Listner (List Art)

Artist, Video Editor, Marketing

List Art joined Argus Computer Entertainment in 2015 and is part of the Art Department. He’s an audio/video producer who has produced several short films and web shows. He’s done musical composition work on the side as well. He’s currently attending college with a major in Communication (Electronic Media) and a minor in Marketing.

He was the artist behind the design of the Puffer fish and a few early level designs. He’s also in charge of helping with the organization of a marketing campaign for Argus Computer Entertainment.


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